95% Customer Service Satisfaction Rating

95% Customer Service Satisfaction Rating

Eight Reasons Adelphic is a Better DSP

Our platform is built to streamline workflows and ease the lives of programmatic traders. With Adelphic, marketers can plan, execute and measure campaigns in a single interface through a self-service portal or with the help of our award-winning professional services team.

Of course, it’s important to understand just how Adelphic is different from other DSPs on the market, including The Trade Desk, Amobee, DoubleClick and MediaMath. There’s a reason satisfaction with our customer service is consistently above 95%. Find out more below.

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1. Opportunities to Save Big

With Adelphic’s subscription plan, one flat monthly fee provides access to our omnichannel DSP and allows marketers to buy unlimited media – which means a savings of up to 80% on programmatic tech fees. Those savings enable our clients to put more spend into working media, making every dollar go further.

2. Omnichannel Capabilities

Adelphic is a true omnichannel DSP that empowers brands and agencies to reach consumers seamlessly across all programmatic channels and formats. With Adelphic, programmatic traders can manage campaigns across connected TV (CTV), digital out-of-home (DOOH), programmatic audio, mobile, desktop and more, without having to constantly switch between platforms.

Digital-Out-Of-Home, Audio, Advanced TV

Mobile, Desktop

3. Features for Power Users

Adelphic offers many in-depth options that give advanced traders the highest levels of control, which help ensure they are running the most efficient campaigns possible. This includes:

  • Bulk functionality
    Traders can mass edit ad orders and campaigns, instead of making individual changes one at a time, saving significant time.
  • API capabilities
    These provide bilateral data syndication into or out of the platform for trafficking and reporting in formats easily accepted by business intelligence teams.
  • Machine learning algorithms
    Our algorithms find optimal bid prices for maximizing performance and scale across all major KPIs.
  • External tracking sources
    Users can export settings, make changes and then upload them back into Adelphic to maximize workflow efficiency for large or complex campaigns.

4. Custom Reporting & In-Flight Optimizations

Adelphic’s Advanced Reporting suite includes in-depth, multi-touch attribution analytics for online and in-store activity across all platforms. We empower our clients with differentiated insights like foot-traffic reports, TV attribution, optimization and in-flight activations, as well as custom reporting tools as needed.

5. Transparency

Gone are the days of the programmatic “black box.” Adelphic is a fully transparent DSP, and that includes the availability of log-level data and all associated technology and data costs, as well as the ability to pay publishers directly. Both our percent-of-spend and subscription plans ensure that marketers know exactly where every dollar they spend is going.

6. Best-in-Class Customer Support

Adelphic offers easy-to-access, personalized support whenever it’s needed with the fastest response times in the industry. It’s never a challenge to connect with a real person for assistance. Client satisfaction with our customer support is consistently above 95%, as reported in our annual survey of all Adelphic users.

7. People-Based Data

Adelphic makes it easy to onboard your own first-party data with our free CRM onboarder, which means users aren’t required to pay extra for a separate data management platform, even when matching data to our direct match partners. In addition, Adelphic provides easy access to our own wealth of opted-in, first-party data that no other platform provides, as well as agnostic third-party data through our numerous partnerships, both huge strategic assets.

8. Flexible Client Relationships

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all contracts. Adelphic creates and tailors contracts based on what brands and agencies need, which includes our first-of-its-kind subscription plan. There are no “cookie-cutter” required terms for every brand or agency.

In addition, we offer our clients the opportunity to work with Adelphic staff as they set up their campaigns, optimize and troubleshoot. Adelphic staff can also assist with delivery against key performance indicators and delivery goals, and provide post-campaign support, recommendations and more.

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